The Home button of the iPhone 7 is programmable and can be leveraged by developers

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The new iPhone 7 have no physical Home button, but a completely virtual, that works with the Taptic Engine in order to give the same feeling of “clicks” real. Thanks to the API issued by Apple, developers can also program the behavior of the Home button in games and applications.

The Home key can be set with three different levels of tactile feedback, from less sensitive to a truly very powerful, similar to a pressure of a physical key. With the new API Taptic Engine, developers can exploit this tactile feedback, both on the device screen, through Touch 3D, that with the new iPhone Home button 7. It is simply a new opportunity for development, which is not yet it has been integrated in the latest iOS beta 10, but that should be available from the final version of the operating system. We just have to wait to see how developers will be able to integrate these functions to create new types of interaction with our device. The first thing that comes to mind is a “shooter type game” where we can just shoot resting his in a light finger on the Home button, leaving the entire free screen as clear view for the game, no virtual button in the corner.

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