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To prevent theft, Apple has activated special functions on the iPhone from exposure in Store

A few days ago we reported that Apple has begun to remove the safety hooks in the exposure devices, however this change is not made without the due precautions against thieves.

On iPhones and Mac exhibition in fact, a special version of the operating system is installed that does not allow you to set the lock codes nor to go to the lockscreen. As for the Mac instead, all content is deleted on reboot, bringing the computer in original condition.

In addition, it has added a “kill switch” function in software, which blocks and makes it unusable iPhone stolen as soon as it is brought out of the Store. Everything is regulated by Wifi (which can not be disabled manually through the Control Center nor the settings), and as soon as the connection with WiFi Apple Store fails, the device locks.

Previously the stolen devices were blocked via Find My iPhone with the classic manual procedure. But now it has been made fully automatic thanks to this change in the OS created for demo devices.

Certainly a thief could still have the motivation to steal an iPhone from the store, such as the one to take it apart and sell the internal components, but Apple has thought of that and has installed security cameras in stores, in strategic position, very hard to detect.

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