Apple working on a wireless charging without whiskers, able to function “at a distance”

Apple has never wanted to introduce wireless charging on the iPhone because actually the current systems are not as “wireless” and force the user to hold the device supported to a base connected to a power source via a power cable.

In addition, the wireless charging does not ensure a good usability of the terminal, just for the fact that it can not be disconnected from the same.

But a rumor is starting to become more and more insistent and sees Apple Energous collaborate with the company. They were invested 10 million dollars, accounting for 70% of the earnings of Energous for new devices that would make wireless truly wireless charging.

Substantially the iPhone 8 should integrate a module that can connect to a transmitter to be connected to an energy source. The connection would work within a radius of 4.5 meters and this would allow the phone to recharge wireless, remote, without being placed on any base, including ensuring freedom of movement and use of the smartphone.

A very important step forward that, for me, would deserve, just by itself, buying the next model of iPhone.


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