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A Mac with touch screen does not convince: Apple has tested them for years before reaching the Touch Bar

After seeing the solution offered by Microsoft with the Surface Studio, many users began to want a Mac with a touchscreen.

Apple has limited itself to create a new MacBook Pro has made some statements with Touch Bar and now Phil Schiller about it.


Schiller said that Apple has experienced for many years a Mac with a touchscreen, but the tests have disastrous results:

Instinctively the managers choice was oriented towards the “no” but we could be wrong, and then the Apple team has been working there for several years, offering various solutions. This suggested that the instinct was correct: A multitouch on MacBook would not work properly, the spaces are too small, it would create too much confusion and everything would work very badly with an operating system such as the desktop. A multitouch iMac on the other hand, would be a real disaster. Think about how you might be having to get to the top left corner of the screen with a finger.The arm would be perpetually raised, they would tire and the user experience would drop drastically. It ‘s all these tests then came the Touch Bar.

Even Steve Jobs was thinking exactly the same thing. That Apple would not arrive a computer with touch screen we already had a few doubts, but now the assurance is that the Touch Bar partially solves this lack and which will be extended to the various computers over the years.


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