The iPhone 8 will be able to exceed the record sales of the iPhone 6 with wireless charging

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Several rumors are indicating a substantial revolution of the iPhone line for next year. According to KGI, Apple should have stability of a new sales record in 2017; surpassing even that recorded after the launch of the iPhone 6, thanks to so many juicy news and three different models of the iPhone 8.

KGI expects the arrival of three new models of the iPhone in the next year. In particular there will be:
* a phablet with an OLED display and a completely new design
* a 5.5″ device, the natural evolution of the iPhone 7 Plus
* a 4.7″ device, which will be a kind of iPhone SE. eg.  a”low-end” device
All devices will be made of glass, through which you can also use the long-awaited wireless charging . The models of 4.7″ and 5.5″ will be very similar to the current iPhone 7, but will be made entirely of glass. The “real” iPhone 8 instead will have an entirely new design, probably thanks to an edge-to-edge display with rounded edges and am integrated Home button. The screen size of the latter should then reach 5.8″, maintaining the same size as an iPhone 7 Plus (if not lower).
According to estimates of KGI, Apple with these three new models will be able to sell 120 to 150 million devices in the second half of 2017 . These are really crazy numbers, which even exceeds those achieved with the iPhone 6 in 2014.



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