Comparing the MacBook Pro 2016 and the first portable Apple [Video]

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In 1989, Apple introduced its first laptop, the Macintosh Portable . In this article we propose a comparison between it and the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, unveiled by the Cupertino company in October 2016.

The Apple MacBook Pro 2016, which features the innovative Touch Bar, is a notebook from the great features, but the critics still are not missed. The Californian tech giant, for example, has decided to remove the People’s MagSafe connector, an SD card reader, and give the iconic “bright” logo on the outer shell.

But we put aside the criticism, the topic of this article is in fact the comparison (impossible under certain points of view) between the MacBook Pro and the first laptop that Apple launched in September 1989.

Let’s start by saying that the Macintosh Portable was very expensive and was available in a limited number, which could be called also for existing MacBook Pro. The differences between the two machines are huge, as it should be after nearly three decades of technological innovations. Nevertheless, the comparison is still interesting and is available in a video Canoopsy , found at the bottom of the article.

The Macintosh Portable, launched at a time when there was no guide to Apple’s Steve Jobs, he weighed 16 pounds (about 7.3 kg), the new MacBook Pro 13 “with Touch Bar instead weighs only 3 pounds (about 1 , 4 kg). The differences are many and of course also affect the materials used. For the fact it is a lot Portable plastic was used, while on the current Mac this is indeed a rarity.

For all other differences we leave you to the video:

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