“Find my Phone”: the journey of a stolen phone told in a documentary [Video]

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Have you ever wondered what happens to our devices after being stolen, who was to steal them, or even if it will never recover? To answer these and other questions is a documentary made by a boy after he found unfortunately in a situation where no one would ever want to be.

After his first iPhone he was stolen, Anthony van der Meer , Cinema student in the Netherlands, could not help but groped an experiment that allowed him to make a documentary that responds comprehensively, based on data and real situations, the questions that he, as any user in his condition, he found himself asking.

Relying on a HTC One M7 which was previously installed the spyware app “Cerberus” , Anthony, after managing to have it stolen deliberately leaving him unattended in the streets of Rotterdam, it was able to monitor the actions and operations carried out by the thief later theft.

“Cerberus”, this app on Android, in contrast to “find my iPhone Apple” that succeeds only to geographically track down the device, allows you to literally “spy” the thief remotely controlling the smartphone soon as it is connected to an Internet network.

The thief, after a few days from the theft, he inserted a SIM in the device and once the latter connected to the Internet, has allowed the student to take control and let him rummage through his photos including of course appeared even selfies.

In addition to photos, Van der Meer has also managed to listen to private conversations of the thief that allowed him to see the serious economic problems of the latter.

In the final part of this first episode of the documentary we can see that the boy, after the first feelings of guilt for having “tricked” a poor homeless, the boy decided to make an anonymous charge on the thief’s SIM still leaving him still active spyware ready to shoot a second episode.

Below you can find the full documentary:

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