Apple in 2017 will be an exciting year here is what we can expect!

The 2017 will undoubtedly be an important year for Apple, thanks to the many incoming juicy news. Then we go to find out what innovations lie ahead for the ‘iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and in general for the Cupertino company.

iPhone 8

Surely one of the most important devices coming this year there ‘s iPhone 8 . On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the smartphone, the Cupertino company will certainly want to propose something new and revolutionary and not a simple model “s” . By rumors already in circulation are rumors the arrival of the OLED display , a new glass design to facilitate wireless charging, three new models with different screen size and much more. Obviously they are only rumors, but in the next few months we will discover which of these are actually the characteristics present in the next Apple smartphone.

In addition, in June it will be presented iOS 11 , which will probably be a minor update to the current iOS 10. At the same time it is expected the arrival of several missing features on iOS 10, in addition to a better optimization for iPad .


The iPad will likely be the first Apple device to receive an update in 2017. The new models would have to arrive around March. More precisely, again according to rumors, should get three new models:  an iPad 2 Pro 12.9 “, an iPad 9.7″ cheap and an iPad Pro 10.9 ”  (or 10.5″). The last of these would present a new display size for the line iPad, thanks to a possible removal of the edges. We’ll see if Apple will decide to also submit a new version of the iPad Mini, but currently its arrival seems little likely. Under the shell we will find instead the new A10x processor , even more powerful than its predecessor, while maintaining the lower fuel consumption. The OLED display on the Apple tablet will probably arrive just in 2018.


Many news also for desktop and laptop computers from Apple . In fact, this year we expect the arrival of the new iMac, you definitely need a substantial upgrade. The rumors about it are not many, but they will likely have the new Intel processors and the new Thunderbolt ports 3, while maintaining the same size and display resolutions. Many also expect a new Mac Pro model, which is now updated from the distant 2013. Together with the new Apple desktop computers could reach even the new keyboard, with the much-loved TouchBar.

In addition to desktop computers, Apple will probably also update its new laptops . In fact, we expect the arrival of new MacBook 12 “ and MacBook Pro , with the very best technical specifications and a lower price than existing products.

Apple Watch

With the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 2 we understood a little ‘what is Apple’s philosophy regarding the future of its smartwatch. Probably in 2017 will come a new model , along all new version of watchOS. For this year we expect the best technical specifications, a reduction in weight and thickness, but above all more independence from the iPhone and FaceTime camera . All these are very user-requested features, but there are still a few rumors about what might be the news of Apple Watch Series 3.

Finally, among other innovations may emerge in the new colors and materials for the shell of the Apple Watch. The most popular among them is the ceramic black coloring, which would join the current white.


In addition to its products, Apple is preparing for the opening of the new Apple Campus 2 . Apple’s new headquarters is under construction for a long time, but the progress in recent months have been very obvious. The completion of the campus is scheduled for 2017. Probably some of Apple products will be presented here in the new auditorium with 1000 seats.

And what do you expect in this 2017 Apple? What new products expect more and what are the features that you think should not be missed?

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