Apple is building new “digital glasses” with augmented reality? | Rumor

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The well-known blogger Robert Scoble recently wrote  the post on their social profile, concerning the relationship between Apple and a famous company, which produces numerous optical products. We will soon see the new “digital glasses” developed directly from Apple?

According to a report a few weeks ago, Apple is considering the possibility of entering the market for “digital glasses”, just as it did with its Snapchat Spectacles . This entry was recently confirmed by Robert Scoble , according to which Apple is reportedly working on a new product in collaboration with Carl Zeiss. The latter is a company headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany, worldwide active in technology for the production and marketing of a wide range of optical products. The source Scoble is a direct employee of the company, which supports the arrival of this new device, the result of collaboration between Apple and Carl Zeiss, by the end of 2017. The product in question should be a pair of glasses with AR features , constantly connected with the iPhone for transmission and synchronization of data.

We know for some time now, that Apple works to an optical device such as may be a VR or AR viewer. This will be the new “Apple” secret for 2017?

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