Apple to Forge ‘iPhone 8’ Chassis Frame From Stainless Steel.

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For the next 8 iPhone , Apple could use stainless steel for the frame on the side, instead of the traditional aluminum. The news comes (of course) by DigiTimes.

Apple has used the stainless steel for the iPhone 4s side frame, then move on to aluminum and, thereafter, at a lighter alloy called aluminum 7000 series Because the Cupertino giant is expected to change the material? Probably because the next iPhone will feature a design loved by fans of the apple, or rear bodywork and the front glass and side frame, in fact, made of stainless steel .

always talking about rumor, we remind you that Apple could present as many as 3 new iPhone, including one high-end design with AMOLED display and completely renovated. They should not miss to new technologies such as wireless charging and the Home button with fingerprint reader “hidden” under the display.

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