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After numerous reports and rumors, we can confidently say Apple interest in the film industry. Their plans are still secret, but something to be discussed is already emerged. What would be the right move for Apple in this new sector, where competition is already more than fierce?

Contestants services
The film industry is definitely experiencing a great success in recent years. Especially as it regards the TV series are now numerous paid services, which offer hundreds of these contents. Netflix, Amazon Video, Infinity, HBO are only a few of these, but almost every month of the new born with their own exclusive. None of these is perfect and none of these offers an almost complete catalog of all the most interesting content. This is definitely one of the best solutions, even if they actually can afford the subscription for only a few Euros per month. Every year come new TV series, films, short films, cartoons and documentaries, which add to the unique one of these services, making it even more attractive than the other. The choice of services therefore remains difficult and impractical , especially for the average user who wants the most extensive catalog possible.

What Apple wants to do?
According to rumors, the Cupertino company also wants to enter this industry. Currently he is already tightening contracts with certain producers of short films and TV series, in addition to having already discussed with several Hollywood studios. The goal of Apple is therefore to propose their streaming service, through which offer their own original content and other films, documentaries and TV series produced under license . With the right funding and advertising promotion, in a few months such a service could easily get to the other competitors, because we are talking of a branded service with Apple. What it might seem interesting, if not for the fact that we will have to consider another service to provide economic support, among the many already available now.

And ‘this really what we want?

The iTunes model
Apple is not new to the market disruptions. iTunes output has managed to revolutionize the music market , offering a complete, easy and immediate. The thing that still characterizes the service is the amount of tracks. It is not easy to find an artist that is not present in their catalog, ready to be heard both in streaming on Apple Music that with the direct purchase of the songs.

At this point the question arises: why not make a similar service also for other media?

What could be done?
With the fourth generation of Apple TV, the company entered in the salons of its customers, offering a useful device, but still short of revolutionary. The surprises of the Apple TV is certainly not over, in fact, the current investments of the company towards the acquisition of film producers are definitely not vain expenses. According to many, Apple would revolutionize the world of television, just as he did with the music world . To do that it needs a full service, offering the largest number of content without too many compromises. Of course, the original Netflix TV series will never be transmitted to a competing service like that of Apple. But why not try to tighten the agreements with the competition?

The Cupertino company may offer exclusively for its customers a single monthly subscription, which would encompass all of streaming content services available . Buying it, would guarantee access to all content on all Apple devices, from the iPhone to your Mac through the Apple TV and iPad. Clearly the price of the subscription should be beneficial , then the agreement of the other companies should be very well thought out for both parties. In fact, few would go to pay $40-50 monthly to clinch a comprehensive catalog of media content. One of the strengths of the services of this type is in fact their low cost.

How to reach such a deal?
On all Apple devices are dedicated to applications Netflix, HBO, Amazon Video and other similar services. The Cupertino company has imposed a tax on subscriptions purchased via in-app purchases, which has already made up their noses at different companies of this type. Recently, however, Apple has already decided to lower the percentages deducted from the purchase of , leading to a significant increase in earnings for some of the most popular services like Netflix.

And ‘here it comes in the broad market of Apple devices. Companies like Netflix, Amazon, HBO could therefore benefit from a greater advantage, thanks to the almost non-existent taxes on their subscriptions. The price for this advantage would be to offer (at a lower price, forgive the pun) your full subscription to incorporate it into one package created by Apple. The Cupertino company would provide so subscriptions for all services, with a single purchase at a reasonable price for all of its devices. The advantage would then be mutual, both for Apple that would win the best service of its kind, both for manufacturers who can count on the enormous spread of Apple devices.

I’m not an expert in the field, and even an analyst, so I can not be certain about the success of such a project. In this article I simply wanted to fantasize a bit ‘on the subject, trying to make it according to Apple’s philosophy. What do you think? It could come true a thing? Would you be interested in a service like this?

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