iPhone 7 is the world most powerful smartphone

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According to analysis conducted by AnTuTu, the iPhone 7  is the most powerful smartphone in 2016. The study was conducted on many devices last year between Android rivals, the Apple smartphone is unrivaled.

In September, Apple unveiled its new top of the range smartphone, equipped with the new A10 Fusion processor. With this chip, the iPhone 7 are currently the best performing smartphones on the market, since in 2017 have not yet been released at competitors. The new A10 Fusion processor offers truly impressive performance , which in AnTuTu tests have reached the score of 181.316 and 172.001 on the iPhone on the iPhone 7 Plus 7.

The Android competitors are unable to match even the performance of the iPhone 7, in fact, the third most powerful smartphone in the world is the OnePlus 3T, with a score of 163.013. Follow Leeco devices The Pro3, Moto Z, OnePlus 3 and others, but there is no trace of the Samsung smartphone. The South Korean company, even if they had very high-performance processors, was not able to position itself in the list of 10 most powerful smartphone of 2016. We’ll see if in 2017, with the arrival of the technology to 10 nm, the situation will change, or will still be in Apple possess the most powerful devices on the market.

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