A woman destroys a store with her car because her iPhone was not repaired [Video]

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In the US a woman has not been granted a free replacement of your iPhone, which had a broken screen. For this reason she decided to “take revenge”, destroying the T-Mobile with its own machine shop.

This is the twenty-six Shinobia Montoria Writght, who wanted at all costs a free replacement of her smartphone. The iPhone in question presented a shattered screen, which is not part of the damage covered by the warranty offered by Apple. The employees at the store were therefore obliged to refuse his request and offered a paid replacement service. The woman then left the store angry, planning a particular vengeance.

The following day the Writght is back in the parking lot of the store with his SUV. As you can see from the video below, the woman broke through the entrance of the T-Mobile store with her machine, and then continue her “revenge” in the offices. After wounding an employee and causing about $ 30,000 for physical and moral damage, the woman was arrested on suspicion of criminal acts (including the employee’s aggression), reckless driving and burglary. According to the latest details emerged in recent hours, the woman had already manifested strange behavior in recent weeks.

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