In iOS 11, Apple may be forced to block some functions of iPhone while we are driving

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The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has invited all the smartphone manufacturers to implement a security system capable of blocking some functionality of your smartphone when the owner is driving.

At the same time, Julio Ceja, a califoniano citizen, sued Apple in court, accusing the company of wanting to profit at the expense of the safety of persons.

Julio wants to “force” Apple to block the phone functions that can further distract users driving. In support of his allegation, Ceja also presented an Apple patent in 2008 in which the company explained the use of dangerous driving smartphone, presenting an automatic locking system. A simple software update might solve the situation without a serious problem for Apple, which is why (according Julio), the company should run for cover.

Apple is very careful with this kind of criticism and probably iOS 11 we will begin to see the first fruits of these constant complaints.

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