WhatsApp updated: now you can send up to 30 photos at a time and messages offline

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Just released a new update for WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging application and used in the world. Let’s see what changes in this version.

First of all, you can now send up to 30 pictures or videos at once . Previously the limit was set to 10 files and was often uncomfortable send more pictures after exiting the sharing menu and have arrived at the right place to select the images.

In addition, now we can write messages and click the submit button of the same even when we are without internet connection . Obviously the message will be added to the Submission queue and as soon as you reconnect will be delivered automatically. Until now, this function does not exist (even if due to a bug was already present for the first few seconds after isolation from the Internet connection). The Enter key was becoming gray and could not be clicked in offline mode.

Finally, it has been redesigned page showing information on file storage , the messages and the available space. Just go to Settings> Data usage and archives> Using Archive and display it every conversation how many MB of storage occupies (in the media due to shared inside).

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