All 3 of the next iPhone will have wireless charging. Only one will lead a new design

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A new report from KGI claims that in September Apple will release 3 new iPhone. Wireless charging will be a common news to all models while the new design will come only on a model.

Basically there will be an iPhone 7S and an iPhone 7S Plus, with the same design of the current iPhone 7, and an additional model which will probably be called iPhone 8 and will have a completely new design.  And ‘This is the model which was mentioned in our today’s report.

In the new model could be a new graphite level to protect the sensor 3D Touch. This layer will be laminated and will help regulate the indoor temperature. It will be a necessary addition because the glass houses dissipate the heat less efficiently than aluminum. Even for this component therefore, the cost will increase.

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