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Apple and Carl Zeiss will build together the glasses for augmented reality

So far Apple has never shown interest in viewers for virtual reality, but Scoble, a well-known American blogger quoting high-level sources, said that the company will release a viewer in collaboration with Carl Zeiss by 2018.

According to Scoble Apple will take advantage of a corporate event to present this new gem. It could be the inauguration of the new Campus 2, or the presentation of the next iPhone. It ‘also possible that it will postpone to 2018, however, the collaboration is for certain date.

Zeiss already has experience in viewers because it has made the VR One Plus, combined with a variety of smartphones. The model to be implemented with Apple, however, would be very different from the classics to which viewers are accustomed. It should be a lot smaller, lightweight device .. as if they were the glasses, perhaps with camera, and matching the iPhone.

Tim Cook has always claimed to love augmented reality at the expense of virtual reality, then it could also be goggles with camera that can replace your phone’s camera and, at the same time, able to show augmented reality right in front of the eyes instead on the mobile screen.

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