Apple closes on the stock exchange with the highest record ever recorded in history

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Apple continues to rise in the stock market, since the iPhone has become a successful gadgets or better smartphone that everyone wants. In 2015 recorded its peak, with the title, which closed with $ 133 on the stock exchange and today, after two years, AAPL exceeds his personal record by closing with $ 133.29 per share and the beauty of 700 billion capitalization.

Before the announcement of the fiscal results last quarter, there was a huge skepticism around Apple with criticism from several fronts. The iPhone 7 would never sell enough according to analysts, however the latest smartphone has managed to bring box office records in Cupertino.

In this historical moment no one is more skeptical of Apple, in fact, all provide for the arrival of new interesting products and therefore also investing in the stock quotes, confidence towards the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, in the arrival of new Macs and other products to update. AAPL could then continue to rise in the coming days.

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