KGI: The iPhone 8 OLED will have an amazing battery that will last longer than the iPhone 7 Plus

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This time it’s Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI to speak: The next iPhone with OLED display will also have a larger battery. Basically you could get to 2900 mAh, the same capacity of the iPhone 7 Plus in a smaller iPhone.


Even for the next 3-5 years the battery will fail to have greater autonomy occupying the same volume of today, however, in the next iPhone OLED, Apple will be able to further miniaturize the components, the logic board and everything else, getting a greater free space for a battery was designed to measure, larger than the current one.

The next iPhone OLED should have similar size to the current 4.7″ but the battery may have the same capacity of the Plus model. All this, in terms of yield, resulting in a battery that lasts even more than a Plus , because the OLED has lower power consumption than LCDs.

At the same time, in addition to the OLED model, there will be two more models that still lead an LCD display. In these models, the battery will not be increased.

So after years of complaints, perhaps we will come to an iPhone with great autonomy .. who knows what cost to the end user all these improvements.

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