Apple is testing a new Apple TV with support for 4K to be launched later this year | rumors

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According to Bloomberg, Apple will release a new Apple TV by the end of 2017. It will be a simple revision of the current model, with some interesting news for internal components, operating system and video output.

The new Apple TV model will be inside of the improved hardware, in order to make the experience even more fluid and enjoyable use. With a more powerful processor you can perform several tasks at once, playing the most complex securities and in general to effectively manage all the features offered by TVOS.Even the latter is likely to be modified. It is rumored in fact a change of the interface, to make it more “user friendly”, but currently we do not know what they are actually planning the Cupertino engineers.Also new, and perhaps also the most likely, is the video output arriving in 4K. This will allow us to connect our Apple TV with 4K televisions and watch multimedia content in Ultra HD resolution.

Of course these are only rumors, but for some time rumored Apple’s intentions, who wants to renew the world of television. Apple TV will likely be critical to this important goal, then will have to be constantly at the device. Competition in this industry is fierce, and will push Apple to plan well their own choices.

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