The vice president of Samsung arrested, guilty of concealment and corruption at government level

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After 15 hours of interrogation ended the investigation of Lee Jae-yong, vice president of Samsung that has been found guilty and finally arrested.

It’s a blow to the company as vice president and heir company was the one that took almost all the most important decisions since his father Lee Kun-hee got sick.

Especially Jay Y. Lee has been deemed to be involved in an illicit payment system amounted to 37.31 million dollars (apparently offered as donations) from companies dating back to Choi Soon-sil, which operated in a corruption scheme at government level. The vice president has given this money in exchange for political favors, the approval of projects and for different shortcuts. All this money was then re-used to boycott the former president of the Government, a very serious offense.

The arrest of the vice president will not stop Samsung Electronics which also proceed with the launch of new tablet and the Galaxy S8 shortly expected. The company will have to reorganize itself internally but definitely should not be affected.

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