Nostalgic moment: Windows XP runs on iPhone … 7! [Video]

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iOS is undoubtedly one of the fundamental reasons why users choose the iPhone (or iPad). Now imagine an iPhone 7 , smartphone synonymous with power and versatility, which performs the much loved / hated Windows XP Microsoft. No, not nightmare, but a simple experiment of a user (nostalgic).

The video was uploaded to YouTube Hacking Jules , and shows an iPhone 7 victim of this “cruel” experiment. Please note up front that this is not a real installation of Windows XP, but an emulator that allows the execution on your Apple device.

The iPhone 7 operating system in question is iOS 10.1.2, as revealed by the same user. The process to emulate Windows XP on iPhone looks simple enough: in addition to an iPhone 7 and a copy of Windows XP, are required Xcode and the Bochs x86 emulation tool.

The experiment has a positive result, of course with due limits. iPhone 7 is designed to run another operating system, and run Windows XP involves quite long boots. Microsoft’s operating system, however, seems to be quite complete, not lacking in fact the toolbar icons and old-fashioned. The cursor can be controlled via the touch screen without any problem.

You are interested in the subject? Depth by going on the page GitHub dedicated to the project.


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