Apple will produce their own graphics cards for the next iPhone

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Apple is one of the few manufacturers of smartphones in developing their own processors but now the company aims to take a further step forward also devoted himself to the design of the graphics component.

The information on the technology of its products are the subject of much restraint on the part of Apple, but the company today announced the termination of cooperation with Imagination Technologies within 15-24 months after the payment of contractual rents.

The British Imagination Technologies fact until now provided the co-processor to the graphics performance built-in chip A10 Fusion and earlier, basing revenue on royalties resulting from any iPhone or iPad sold.

Apple announced that it is working on its own custom graphics architecture for more controls on technology and will come to use a proprietary GPU in the near A12 chip.

While the prospect of a proprietary GPU will be exciting for the potential gains in performance on the iPhone and iPad, on the other it is a blow to the British company that today, following the news, saw collapse its shares by 69%.

About a year ago Apple had confirmed the rumors of a possible purchase of Imagination Technologies but was unable to reach agreement to complete the task and then from Cupertino have allocated a team of engineers to develop an independent graphic project.

But England do know that Apple will be hardly able to achieve GPU architecture without violating the Imagination Technologies patent portfolio and therefore a realization that complicated and intricate almost certainly will lead to a breach resulting in payment of royalties.

It is not excluded that the acquisition skipped in the past can not become definitive in the future while the British company has talked about a possible negotiation with Apple on alternative methods to grant the license of its technology to Apple.

On this point it seems difficult to imagine an agreement because Apple tends to want to dispose at will of the core technology on the iPhone and iPad.

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