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After the latest rumor on the arrival of the new Mac Pro at the end of 2018, we return to talk of Apple computers dedicated to professional use. According to the latest rumors, Apple is also planning a new 8K display, dedicated to the new Mac Pro.

This week emerged the first information about upcoming Apple desktop computer. To reveal them was Phil Schiller, who confirmed the arrival of the new iMac at the end of year and the arrival of a new Mac Pro in 2018. Later there was also talk of a possible new model of Mac Mini, a computer that remains ” important ” for the Cupertino company and that could soon see future updates.

But today I want to talk about a possible innovations linked to the new Mac Pro. According to the source quoted by iDownloadBlog , Apple is planning a new display for this high-end desktop computers.Probably this will be the successor to the current Thunderbolt Display, which will be marketed separately. The most interesting feature of this new monitor would be just its resolution. Rumor has it the arrival of a 7,680 x 4,320 pixel grid for a total of 33 million pixels. In fact it is a 8K resolution, with twice as many pixels compared to a 4K screen and about 60% more of the pixels present nell’iMac 5K 27 “.

In the coming months we will discover definitely more details on this possible new display. A resolution 8K would be a novelty rather exclusive, which will be appreciated by designers, photographers and videographers.

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