Interest in the iPhone and Apple Watch continues to grow among young people

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According to data collected from a recent survey by Piper Jaffray, young people are increasingly interested in Apple products. Many of the analysis samples are currently in possession of an iPhone, many instead plan to soon buy it.

Piper Jaffray every six months collects interesting data from a large sample of teenagers. More precisely, the data collected from 5,500 young people are analyzed, with a mean age of 16 years. Since the last analysis of relevant data rather have emerged on Apple products on the market and their popularity among young people. About 76% of respondents own an iPhone, 2% more than in the last survey. In many instead they want to buy the iPhone as their next smartphone, namely the 81% of respondents. It is quite significant numbers, demonstrating the ubiquity of these devices also including a fairly young audience, despite the good competitive offerings. The iPhone is therefore also an icon among young people, who continue to prefer the products of Apple over other brands.

As for the Apple Watch, 13% of respondents want to buy the smartwatch in the next six months. The most popular fitness band and preferred by young people remain those of Fitbit, while the Apple Watch is in second position.

The most popular application used by young people turned out to be Snapchat, which is opened at least once a month. It is in fact a company very popular in Italy, but has to face its many competitors in the hands of Facebook.

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