The iPhone 7 Plus is still the fastest smartphone of all, after 7 months of launch: Here’s how humble S8, G6 and other smartphones

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iPhone 7 Plus, 7 months after its launch, it’s still the fastest smartphone on the market. By now all of Apple’s competitors have churned out the new top model including the Samsung Galaxy and LG S8 G6 and in spite of the really outstanding hardware specifications, the smartphone from Apple wins hands down.

The iPhone 7 Plus is compared with the S8, the G6, the 3T and Google Plus One Pixel. The Android smartphone is the fastest among all Samsung just arrived on the market, but the iPhone is able to complete all the tasks in half the time!

To open several applications in succession in fact, the iPhone 7 Plus takes 2 minutes and 44 seconds while the S8 takes 5 minutes and 36 seconds. Slower smartphone is the Google Pixels with its 6 minutes and 34 seconds.

The second round, which is the re-opening of the same app already initiated previously, confirms the clear superiority of the iPhone which completes the process in as little as 33 seconds, compared to the 2 minutes and 4 seconds of the Galaxy and 2 min and 15 of the Pixel.

That start taking applications in quick succession is one of the most reliable test to find out the actual speed of use of the smartphone in real life. Even in ignition, the iPhone with its A10 Fusion Quad-core processor and only 3GB of RAM beats all ..

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