“Slide-to-unlock” the Apple patent infringement by Samsung under review by the Supreme Court

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In the United States the Software and Information Industry Association and the ‘ Internet Association have asked the Supreme Court to re-evaluate the situation of Samsung for patent infringement ” Slide-to-Unlock ” Apple.

The defense presented is based on the principle of obviousness of the unlocking method of Apple devices such that, according to the associations, the patent in question should not belong to a single company.

The violation for which they are accused Samsung therefore should not exist particularly in light of the danger to which they would be exposed to future technologies.

In this regard it is essential to an act of certiorari, or that the Supreme Court judgment requiring the acts to review the case and re-evaluate Samsung’s position because, until now, lower courts have welcomed the prosecution of Apple.

If the Supreme Court were to speak in favor of Cupertino, the case would go back to the judgment of the lower courts by closing, in fact, any possible re-evaluation of the situation.

The patent infringement “Slide-to-Unlock” is part of a group of three patents that Samsung was ordered to pay $ 119.6 million to Apple, compared to an initial request for $ 2.2 billion.

In January 2016 Samsung was appealed but the jury had confirmed the verdict and towards the end of last year the Court of Appeal had refused a second hearing.Consequently, even if the Supreme Court were to confirm the refusal, the process would be considered concluded with the payment of the agreed amount.

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