iPhone 8 could be presented in June during the WWDC 2017?

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As reported by JPMorgan, reports Apple was planning the presentation of the iPhone 8 in June. It will be the summer the new launch of the next Apple smartphone window?

The iPhone 8 is definitely one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2017. According to widespread rumors in recent months, Apple will celebrate the tenth anniversary of their smartphones, offering a revolutionary model with many new features. Everyone expects the arrival of the smartphone in the fall, but according to reports from JPMorgan, the iPhone 8 could be presented much earlier.

After the announcement of the fiscal results last quarter, Tim Cook found himself in disagreement on the leak about the iPhone 8. According to the CEO of Apple, the rumors circulating,  slowing sales of the current iPhone 7. Therefore, the Cupertino company would be planning to bring forward the publication of its next smartphone. The first date to consider, according to the source, is related to the WWDC 2017. The event set in June, it would represent an excellent opportunity to launch the new Apple smartphone. Many users are eagerly awaiting these new devices, so the Cupertino company provides poor sales during the summer of his iPhone 7. However, if the iPhone 8 were submitted before, Apple may start selling them already during the summer. This would avoid a sharp decline in sales, bringing a large number of iPhone on the market well in advance.

The rumor in question, however, does not convince us too. Often in fact we have talked about the problems in the production of the iPhone this year. We think it’s pretty hard that Apple will be able to prepare an adequate number of stocks by June. We’ll then see in the coming weeks if this news will be confirmed or denied by other voices, maybe directly from Apple.

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