Microsoft introduces Windows 10 S, the operating system for educational use

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Microsoft announced in New York Windows 10 S, version dedicated primarily to schools. Quick and efficient the strengths of the new operating system.

#MicrosoftEDU During the event, the Redmond has unveiled, in addition to Surface Laptop , the new Windows 10 S . It is a revised version of this “standard”, formerly known as Windows 10 Cloud.

The name of the operating system provides the most interesting information. The “S” in fact stands for ” school “. The operating system is dedicated to the schools, to provide a useful tool for students and teachers. Microsoft thus enters into direct competition with Google, namely with the Chrome OS operating system. The latter, in fact, it has gained market share in the US winning its students and faculty.

Windows 10 S, as explained by Microsoft, can be run on all machines that support the “normal” version of the OS. All applications also can be installed from the Windows Store, including the Office suite. any files from external sources to ensure greater safety, can not be installed.

The user interface, as well as services and features are identical to those of the Home and Pro versions. The only difference, as mentioned, is that you can only use the applications available in the application store. To overcome this “obstacle”, it is therefore necessary to install the two versions of the system mentioned above.

One advantage of Windows 10 S is the speed, this fact requires less time than the Pro version to boot. There is even talk in less than 5 seconds, but only if the user has previously run a logon.

Being designed for school use, Windows 10 S can configure itself based on the provisions of schools that decide to adopt it. All this is possible thanks to some pre-configured setup installed via USB devices.

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