All the numbers and facts about Apple and the company’s future

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We conclude the articles about Apple’s financial results with a clear summary in points, where we highlight all the important notes, enhanced by curiosity and many other statements.

The Apple conference ended and, as always, we summarize in one article all the details and the most interesting tidbits, based on the statements of Tim Cook and Luca Maestri.

In evidence

  • The gains from services exceeds 7 billion. This means that if Apple were limited to doing only this, also be able to enter the ranks “Fortune 100” of the largest companies in the world.
  • Revenues from Apple Watch, and AirPods Beats correspond to a company in the top 500 of Fortune
  • Apple ended the quarter with 256 billion dollars in cash, of which 93% outside of America


  • Sales were in line with expectations, considering the period to which we approach
  • The RED iPhone edition is having a great success, greatly helping the program to combat AIDS. Customer response has been “wonderful” according to Tim Cook.
  • The average selling price of the iPhone was $ 655, while last year we stopped to $ 642. The growing demand of the Plus model has certainly helped in this figure.
  • The satisfaction of customers is 96% to the iPhone 7 and 98% to the iPhone 7 Plus
  • Thanks to a new partnership with Volkswagen, well 620,000 employees pass to iPhone


  • The sales decrease but Apple’s expectations were exceeded
  • 8.9 million devices are sold
  • Reactions to the new iPad “cheaper” have been excellent
  • Considering only the United States instead of the whole market, the iPad has recorded a growth in America
  • iPad remains the best-selling tablet, with 81% of diffusion between the tablet from costing more than $ 200


  • Computers have generated $ 25 billion in the last year
  • Apple will invest aggressively to the future of these products. It’s no secret that Apple is about to launch new products for professionals including iMac and Mac Pro
  • Revenues grew by 14% compared to last year, sales were up 4%
  • The overall growth of Apple computers is 10%

Apple Watch and AirPods

  • The Apple Watch sales double year after year
  • The user request to purchase AirPods is still far greater than supply
  • The AirPods record 98% of customer satisfaction in a survey conducted in USA


  • $ 7 billion is derived from Apple services
  • The App Store bill 40% higher year after year. Now we are facing a new absolute record
  • In this quarter the number of users who have created an Apple ID which then have linked a credit card was the highest ever
  • Apple Music and iCloud achieved growth of more than 10%
  • It also grows the number of subscriptions to applications and other services
  • Paid subscriptions have generated $ 165 million this quarter

Apple Store

  • Retail is becoming increasingly attractive
  • There are 495 Apple Store around the world, some of which already have a new design
  • The new Apple Store in Dubai is the most international: all employees, combined, speak a total of 45 languages
  • Increase of 16% of the customers who visit the Apple Store


  • In China, sales of Apple stores rose 27%
  • The quarter’s results were in line with expectations
  • Apple grows in India, where the company is planning to expand more and more
  • 7 among the most visited Apple Store in the world are located in China
  • Apple has spent 50 billion US dollars into the economy last year
  • Apple employs 2 million people around the world

Forecasts for the next quarter

  • It gains between 43.5 billion and 45.5 billion dollars
  • gross margin between 37.5% and 38.5%
  • Operating expenses between 6.6 and 6.7 billion dollars
  • tax rate of 25.5%

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