Apple files a new patent to make iPhone even more impermeable

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A patent filed by Apple Thursday provides the details of a mechanism able to eliminate excess fluid from the iPhone speakers thanks to the sound.

The purpose is to make the iPhone even more waterproof and prevent liquids from damaging internal components.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are already waterproof, but do not have a mechanism that removes the water from the speakers, microphone or from lightning door.

In this regard and in order to accelerate the drying process, the patent speaks of a portion of hydrophobic screen able to resist the entry of liquids and a hydrophilic portion which helps to remove the liquid of the audio sector.

The device generates a sound that detects the presence of liquid and removes them.

For the moment it is just a patent and there is no guarantee that this technology really arrive on the iPhone.

Via | Mashable

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