WhatsApp fined 3 million euro for having induced users to share their data with Facebook

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Whatsapp was fined for having induced / compelled users to accept the terms that allowed data sharing with Facebook. The sentence, after long investigation, has arrived today.

Antitrust investigations of WhatsApp ended. The company was fined 3 million euro. The reasons? Forced data sharing with Facebook.

For a certain period of time, Whatsapp has shared their data on Facebook to learn more about the interests of users in order to show more targeted advertising on the social network.

This behavior has been deemed right by the Italian competition and the free market, and it cost 3 million euro in Whatsapp.

The company has effectively induced users to accept fully and compulsorily the new Terms of Use where exactly figured data sharing with Facebook. Only after August 25, 2016 it was possible to partially accept the new conditions. The investigation revealed “inadequate highlighting the possibility of refusing consent to the sharing of data with Facebook” and also the real difficulty of choosing this path once accepted the terms.

To date Whatsapp has stopped sharing this information with the social network and the fine is probably one of the few things right the last period.


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