Google Assistant is really better than Siri. It is now available on iPhone

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It ‘s official, Google’s virtual assistant has arrived on the iPhone. Call up since Siri will not be comfortable, because it can not be replaced at the Home key, but it has a Widget to start it with a tap.

It was judged to be the most advanced voice server among all. For the moment it is available on Google Pixels and only in English but support for new languages has been announced. From this summer, Google Assistant will support French, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese. By the end of the year will support other languages.

In addition, the assistant Assistant Google was made available on iPhone as an application to be installed via the App Store . For the moment it only downloads from the App Store US.

Google Assistant become increasingly intelligent. By integrating lens  you can capture a subject, take a picture (for example, a billboard), and obtain recognition of the text, objects and so on, to quickly launch actions based on what you see in the picture.

Assistant can also search or start real-time translations . We will be talking to get the translation, that writing or capture text in another language with the camera.


Google Assistant includes natural language. We can speak and write without sounding like robots. We can also only buy items and accessories with our own voice. Coming also on Android TV , making much more intelligent devices.

The most interesting part is that Google opened Google Assistant to developers who can then add new actions . In this way, the server will understand more and more control and be able to perform more actions.

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