The cover of an iPhone 8 is compared with the current iPhone 7 Plus to understand differences in size [Video]

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A cover of the iPhone 8 is compared with the current models on the market.

If you are always available as iPhone Dummy 8, then let alone the Cover. In China’s factories are now churning out pieces of alleged iPhone 8 as if it were already available on the market. In the video we show you today, the protagonist is a Case for iPhone 8, which is compared with the current iPhone 7 and 7Plus.

As we can see, the iPhone 8 should be just barely larger than the current iPhone 7 and a bit ‘longer. THE camera of this model would be similar to that of the iPhone 7 Plus or with a double lens, although it is not clear where the flash will be placed.

The hole for the camera in fact, is larger than that of the current Plus but not enough to contain both the Flash that the optical double and microphone. Hence the question: is positioned centrally between the two cameras as we have seen in some rendering?

No additional hole on the cover so in this case is not expected TouchID the back. We leave you to the video:

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