An iPhone 6s two years exceeds the new Galaxy S8 in a speed test

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Speed ​​test between the Samsung Galaxy S8, top Korean range presented in 2017, and iPhone 6s with two years ago technology is still very powerful.

Speed ​​Challenge between the two giants devices. PhoneBuff put on one side the new Samsung Galaxy S8, cool presentation, while across an iPhone 6s released in the fall of 2015. Who will be the best?

The test could be compared to the classic ” road test ” or the use of the devices under normal conditions and not using a benchmark test checks.

The test involved two similar sessions. The first consisted in opening a series of sixteen applications, some system and other discharged by the respective store.

Once awaited the eventual loading, as soon as they become operational, they have been closed to pass next to the app.

In the first round iPhone 6s it took a total time of 1’34 “80 proving faster than the Galaxy S8 which took about 7/2 more, recording a time of 1’41” 48.

The second session instead envisaged the reopening and closing of the same applications.

Even in the second Test iPhone 6s it exceeded the competitor with 42 “56 against 49” 55 Samsung


If, as they say, are always the details that make the difference is true that Samsung Galaxy S8 has introduced exciting new features (but we are awaiting the response from Apple), however the iPhone have their “IL” detail that makes the real difference or iOS, an operating system that manages to make the most of the hardware components on the smartphone of Cupertino.

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