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Apple presents MacOS High Sierra, the new operating system upgrade for Mac

The third novelty of the WWDC 2017 affect Mac, ” first love ” of Apple. Craig Federighi on stage presents the new MacOS High Sierra.

Today Apple unveiled MacOS High Sierra, the new version of the world’s most advanced desktop operating system, with innovative storage technologies, video and graphics that allow you to do even more on the Mac. MacOS High Sierra has a completely new file system , it is compatible with the standard High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) and provides an update of Metal, the advanced graphics technology that gives Apple an edge in everything from machine learning to the creation of virtual reality content. MacOS High Sierra also includes optimized versions of the apps that Mac users use every day, including Photos, Safari and Mail.

“In MacOS High Sierra are important technologies forward-looking, and new opportunities for developers who want to leverage machine learning potential and create immersive virtual reality scenarios on the Mac,” said Craig Federighi, senior vice president of Software Engineering at Apple. “Innovations in technology to MacOS High Sierra heart, combined with enhancements in hardware, allow you to do even more on the Mac, in new and exciting ways.”

Powerful new system technologies

Apple File System

Apple File System (APFS) provides enhanced performance, security and reliability of data, and forms the basis for future innovations in storage. APFS has evolved an architecture optimized for modern storage technologies, which makes snapshots common tasks such as copying files and directories, protects data in case of power outages and system crashes, and keeps safe the files, securing with native encryption. Also MacOS High Sierra continues to provide maximum compatibility both in writing and in reading with data and HFS pre-formatted and is designed to meet future developments in storage technologies.

High-Efficiency Video Coding

Compatibility with industry HEVC (H.265) standard allows video streaming and playback of 4K video at incredible quality, with sizes up to 40% lower than the current H.264.1 standard. * With HEVC, Apple makes it possible streaming video quality over networks that before only allowed HD streaming, while hardware acceleration on the new iMac and MacBook Pro delivers incredible speed and energy efficiency during the editing and encoding video HEVC.

Metal 2

Metal is the fastest and most efficient way to harness the power of the GPU on Mac. Metal 2 has an API refined and superior performance that help developers make their apps even more snappy. Introduces support for machine learning used in speech recognition, in natural language processing and computer vision. Together, Thunderbolt Metal 2 and 3 allow power users to use powerful external GPU. And with the External Graphics Developer Kit, developers will have all the hardware and software needed to optimize their apps.

Virtual reality

Leveraging the performance of Metal 2 and the latest Mac hardware, for the first time MacOS High Sierra supports virtual reality: now developers can create engaging games on the Mac and 3D content and VR. The most important companies are working with Apple to bring the new Mac virtual reality features that will be introduced during the year: Valve is optimizing its SteamVR platform for MacOS, and is making it possible to connect the viewer HTC Vive, while Unity and Epic are carrying on MacOS their development tools VR. Also during the year, Final Cut Pro X will add compatibility with professional workflows to 360 ° and the ability to import, edit and export 360 ° video.

Improvements to the most popular app by Mac users


Photo in MacOS High Sierra has a new always-on sidebar displays album and features to organize images. The new visual design Edit contains powerful tools like curves, to improve color and contrast, and “Selective Color” to make changes to individual color ranges. Now Live Photo Gallery you can customize with fun effects, while Memories creates collections of videos and pictures based on new topics. Also new photos is compatibility with external editor, and Photoshop files, Pixelmator and other apps can be opened directly in the photos, and the changes are saved in the Photos library. And for the first time, thanks to compatibility with project extensions from other vendors, users have access to printing and publishing services like Animoto, ifolor, Shutterfly, and whitewall Wix, directly from the photos.

Other improvements to the app:

  • Safari can automatically use Reader to open articles in a clear format and without distractions, while “Autoplay Blocking” prevents the media with sound are played back automatically in the browser.
  • Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari uses machine learning to identify and remove the data used by advertisers to track user activity on the web.
  • The search in Mail is even easier and faster with best matches, showing the most relevant results at the top of the list of posts.
  • Siri on Mac responds with a natural voice more expressive, and when using Apple Music, learn to recognize the musical preferences, create custom playlists and respond to curiosity about the musical world.
  • In Notes you can create simple tables: Users can write in the cells, make changes and move rows and columns.
  • Spotlight provides comprehensive information on the flights of departure and arrival times, delays, gate, terminal, and even a map of the plane journey.
  • The iCloud File Sharing allows you to share any document stored in iCloud Drive and collaborate with others.

Pricing and Availability

The developer preview of Mac OS High Sierra is available starting today for members of the Apple Developer Program ; a public beta program will be available to Mac users at the end of June . High Sierra MacOS will be available in the fall as a free software update from the Mac App Store. For more information, visit .

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