The next iPhone might not have a 5G modem to 1 Gbit / s because of the dispute with Qualcomm

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Wars do not bring anything good. The dispute between Apple and Qualcomm might slow modem.

The dispute between Apple and Qualcomm could result in the lack of a modem on the next iPhone 5G. Competition can already reach 1 gigabit top speed, but Apple probably will have to settle the current modem also on upcoming devices.

Both Qualcomm and Intel have chips available to be able to reach speeds of 1 Gbit / s but Intel does not have enough supplies to meet the full demand for Apple.

The ideal would buy half of a company and the other half but Qualcomm could refuse to supply chips to Apple because the company is no longer paying the commissions and not continue to do so until the court does not give the final ruling .

Therefore it is more likely that the company will install the same type of modem at a lower speed on all iPhone models.

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