The first images of the glass panels of the iPhone 8?

The iPhone 8 is entered into production and these should be the images of the front and back panels of the device. For the first time the “real” components are shown as well.

Concept, mockup, dummy and technical diagrams of the iPhone 8 are gearing up, but in this article we will see the first pictures of the front panel and rear both made of glass. We also see the dual camera, with flash positioned at the center of the two lenses.

Of course in the picture lacking the metal frame, which will be built with mold , and all internal components.

The front panel confirms the full-screen design, with a narrow bezel and a black area placed in the top center.

The back is always the same: the Apple logo in the center, the various written down and the camera becomes vertical. The Touch ID will be integrated into the screen and read fingerprints through the glass.

In the picture above, however, besides the iPhone 8, we find the back of the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. Even these will have a glass back, probably to facilitate wireless charging which will also be included on these models.

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