The return of a large company: Nokia seeks to reinvent itself in different sectors

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Nokia still has patents and technologies that allow him to create new products and find new outlets for a great return on the market. The company intends to “rise from the ashes”

Nokia finally seems to be back. Not so much in the field of smartphones, but the company is poised to bring new innovations to market could also boast of a number of patents and proprietary technologies to be implemented in chips and accessories.

We start from the Nokia FP4, the new chipset six times faster than their predecessors on the market today. It ‘a super-network processor capable of processing up to 2.4 terabits per second. E ‘the first network chipset muti-terabit capable of providing IP flows in terabit. It will be used in the Nokia 7750 Service Router (SR) -if Nokia 7950 Extensible Routing System (XRS) -xc.

We will then continue with the acquisition of Withings that now ended. All smart devices for salutes and diagnostics are now in Nokia brand. The company strongly believes in this industry, such as Apple, still too tied to the paper and instruments placed on the market many years ago.

Nokia wants to bring medical companies toward a digital future with cutting-edge tools that can also result in self-diagnosis.

In addition to old products Withings rebranding, then Nokia has introduced the new Nokia Body +, a connected scale, and a blood pressure measuring device called Nokia BPM +.

The first is already available on Amazon for $99.95

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