A sixteen year old earns $ 24,000 repairing iPhone during the summer break

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Even the classic summer jobs in USA, are behind the times. Until a few years ago it was sporadic occupations and with a rather narrow wage today some young pretty savvy are putting aside considerable sums thanks to technology, it is the case of a high school student who has set aside more than $ 20,000 repairing iPhone.

Traditionally during the summer, young people were looking for jobs to scrape together a few dollars and pay some whim. Rather than whitewashing fences and mow lawns, Western world  definitely were more ready to give private lessons to children or to open umbrellas in some bathhouse remains, however, that the possibility of being able to earn some money with their work and being able to have in our It will, has always been tempting opportunity. Today in America some kids during the summer holidays have managed to put up a tidy sum, figures which are around $ 20,000 just repairing iPhone.

The young man in question is a sixteen year old named Grayson Shaw , who earned, to be exact, $ 24,000 well repairing 9 iPhone daily. The boy interviewed explained that he did it mainly for passion and that is not purely a question of profit.

According to Kyle Wiens, chief executive of iFixit :

“And ‘possible to find a young man like Shaw in any high school in America.”

In Italy several young people began with a passion to repair devices and now have even opened the specialized companies under repair. It ‘s another area of ​​business that depends on Apple.

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