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We retrace all the first 10 years of the history of the iPhone

It was introduced in January and six months later, June 29, 2007, the first iPhone arrived in American stores. Today is the tenth anniversary and it is only right to say a few words about it.

The first device was sold only in America and was also blocked on local operators. Few pieces arrived in different market, imported by those fans who were literally kidnapped by everything I could do, or even better, how we could do it.

Today an iPhone 2G, still packed, has a discrete value for collectors but in this article, even if we talk about the first iPhone, we do not want to do it in a trivial or obvious so there will quote Steve Jobs and all the changes it has made to its company, long lines for Apple Store, how other companies underestimated the iPhone or ideas that have brought the smartphone to become what it is today.

We want to remember the first iPhone from our point of view, for us as we have experienced from Ghana.

The thing that most impressed us was definitely the capacitive multitouch . Ten years ago, even the most advanced handheld devices were controlled by a stylus with a resistive touch which offered a truly bad and small interface that still modeled on that of the old cell. The iPhone was immediately a breath of fresh air and it was so easy and nice to use that kidnapped around the world. Much of its basic layout we find him even in today’s iOS and this shows how much has been seen fit at the time.

Get your hands on an iPhone was difficult, very difficult , and once that was also released to be used in the world.

We are sure that among our users today anuora there are many people who read even 10 years ago and remember, almost wistfully, guides to unlock the phone part, the famous Pwnage Tool , the quarrel between the DevTeam and Hackers  accused of stealing their work taking credit for ZiPhone and so on.

The first iPhone , just talking honestly was not all that much . There be no mistake: it’s always been revolutionary in many respects, but also had so many shortcomings that the most banal phone already blended for 5 years. Let’s say you made the iPod and supplemented damn good job for the first time a full browser can load your web sites as your computer. At the time all this was unthinkable! But it lacked the App Store, the toys were missing, there were no issues, even the black background could be changed!

Already from the first model and the first version of iOS, however, the software was so clearly and family wrote that some developers, already included in the Mac, you gave immediately to do by inventing the Installer.

The installer was automatically added during the process of unlocking and jailbreak, just as it does now with Cydia. Installer, little by little, we began to find everything tweak to change functions, tweak to change the interface, applications to create themes, games with the accelerometer, in short app of all kinds to fill in the gaps of ‘ iPhone .. and also iDevice has played a key role in this community by creating and publishing many applications and the most beautiful themes, to obtain the important  to automatically be pre-installed on all devices which carried the Jailbreak.

There are those who think that the idea of creating the App Store was not born of Steve Jobs or other Apple minds but rather it’s just watching the match the success of the Installer. The fact is that a year after Apple launched the iPhone 3G, which supported higher speeds of navigation, and iOS 2 with its App Store and an SDK for developers.

The real success of the iPhone (also in terms of sales) is left here . With the app now we could do anything and in addition to being more numerous were also made better with the dedicated SDK.

Year after year, the iPhone has got hardware improvements, it has been increasingly marketed in more countries, with an operating system capable of satisfying a growing number of needs.

We continue with a little bit of trivia:

The birth

If today the iPhone is so popular and so sells well is because so many things went the right way at the beginning, many thanks to Apple and Steve Jobs, but some also for simple and pure luck. The iPhone itself is mostly created on a whim, a challenge between Steve and a Microsoft executive who eventually had revealed in advance the company’s plans. Steve hated Microsoft and set to work on a small multitouch device that can retire handheld with the stylus on which was puntanto the competitor.

The name

iPhone was the better name for a phone produced by the iPod, but the name was already used, since 1998, by another company that had created a hybrid of fixed and mobile device that can browse the web. The company was later acquired by CISCO and the change device name. For the first few years Apple had some disputes with Cisco because of the name of the device but were resolved without too much bureaucracy.

The domain

Similarly the domain had been bought by a certain Michael Kovatch. Apple was forced to buy it from him by spending $ 1 million, and then use it as a simple redirect to

The 9:41 time

Ever since the first iPhone every smartphone screen always shows the time 9:41. This is the time when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world. Apple had planned the big announcement about 40 minutes after the start of the Keynote and wanted to surprise the audience on the big screen showing the device that reported the exact current time. After trying the speech for some time, they realized that lasted a little more than 40 minutes and then chose to show 9:41.
On January 9, 2007 Steve Jobs was able to present it at exactly 9:41!



The word Hello, revived by Apple during the most recent events, is the only word used throughout the advertisement of the first iPhone. It is the way the iPhone is presented to the world .. with a Hello.


iPhone 8? We should say 16

While we speak constantly of the iPhone 8 to indicate the next model (which probably will not be called even so), actually this year will be launched on 16th iPhone. In fact we had:

  1. iPhone in 2007
  2. iPhone 3G in 2008
  3. iPhone 3GS in 2009
  4. iPhone 4 in 2010
  5. iPhone 4S in 2011
  6. iPhone 5 in 2012
  7. iPhone 5S in 2013
  8. iPhone 5C in 2013
  9. iPhone 6 in 2014
  10. iPhone 6 Plus in 2014
  11. iPhone 6S in 2015
  12. iPhone 6S Plus in 2015
  13. iPhone SE in 2016
  14. iPhone 7 in 2016
  15. iPhone 7 Plus in 2016


Originally the iPhone were presented in Summer. Starting from the iPhone 4S we moved to autumn.

The dimensions

The market trend is bringing smartphones to increase their size. We are in fact 3.5-inch left and then move to 4-inch iPhone 5. Only two years later, the biggest change that has led iPhome to grow up to 5.5 inches. The iPhone 8 should have a 5.8-inch screen, but a smaller body of the Plus model.

Before the iPhone

Before the iPhone, the company was called Apple Computers, Steve Jobs was to alargare renaming the horizons only to Apple.

Before the iPhone, Apple certainly is not doing badly. With the sale of computers and iPods he had excellent earnings but today, in the first six months of 2017, the only App Store revenues already exceed 40% of the total earnings that the company he managed to record in 2007!


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