Hydrogen RED One: it’s official the first smartphone in the world with holographic display!

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RED is a famous manufacturer of cameras and high-end accessories for video makers, but from this day becomes a smartphone manufacturer. A smartphone really very different from any other on the market.

It’s called Hydrogen One and is the first smartphone with 5.7-inch holographic display, a feature that makes RED the first manufacturer in the world, for a new era of smartphones.

The new device does not neglect the 3D, interactive games, AR, VR and MR. We have provided few details about it, we only know that RED will use nanotechnology to create the display.

The design shown to the press may be subject to slight variations in the future but it is confirmed the presence of a modular system by which you can expand the multimedia capabilities of the device.

For the date of marketing it comes to early 2018, however the price should be around $ 1195 for the aluminum version and $ 1595 for the titanium. Prices could increase in the future due to the display production difficulties.

We’ll keep it updated.

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