iPhone 8: everything we know about the next Apple smartphone

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Three new models, OLED display edge-to-edge, integrated Touch ID in the display are only some of the expected features for the next iPhone 8. Discover the other news vociferate in recent months in our dedicated article!

The iPhone 8 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated smartphones of this 2017. In recent months we have reported numerous rumors about this revolutionary device. Today we want to summarize the main features vociferate, trying to create a clear image of what will be the iPhone 8.

All of the following characteristics, features and specifications are more or less reliable sources. Clearly until Apple itself will submit the final device, we will have no certainty about the listed features. The Cupertino company, according to the rumors, will present the next Apple smartphone in September. Their release on the market, however, remains still shrouded in mystery, as in recent weeks have revealed several problems in the production chain of the company.

Not one, not two, but three iPhone models

This year they expect three iPhone models. In particular, Apple iPhone should have two 7s and an innovative model that we call “iPhone 8”. The name of the latter fact has not been confirmed. We know, however, that it is a model created for the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. Apple could therefore also call it iPhone X, iPhone 10, iPhone Anniversary or in any other way. The iPhone 8 will be the model to watch, as it will have many innovations, that are described below.

As for the iPhone models 7s will be as usual two simple reinterpretations of the current iPhone 7 design . The fact will remain virtually the same, as well as the screen size. And ‘then it expected an iPhone 7s 4.7 “and an iPhone 7s Plus 5.5”. Under the body, however, we expect several new features, such as the Apple A11 processor, a few GB of additional RAM, new cameras and maybe some other still unpublished surprise.

According to the latest news will be, however, a few colors available. Apple may launch the iPhone 8 only in black and white colors, maintaining however the other colors for iPhone 7s.

The OLED screen for the first time on iPhone

The iPhone 8 will have a 5.8 “OLED screen. The overall dimensions of the smartphone will be a middle way between those of the iPhone 7 and those of the iPhone 7 Plus. The screen will cover in fact almost the entire front of the display, except for a small area dedicated to front camera, proximity sensors, brightness and the audio speaker. From this point of view does not yet know what Apple will choose to design the front of the new iPhone 8. As we reported in this article , the implementation of the area dedicated to the frontal hardware still remains shrouded in mystery. We do not know if there will be a trapezoid upper area, or an entire bar similar to that of Samsung Galaxy S8.

The advantage of OLED displays is manifold. These panels will undoubtedly offer greater visual quality, with sharper colors and deeper blacks. At the same time, the OLED display consumes significantly less power than a traditional LCD panel. This is expected to result in greater autonomy for the next iPhone 8, due to other improvements on this front, of which more later.

As for the resolution, we have not yet reliable information about it. Some claim the arrival of the new grid to 1440p, and others, that will be maintained 1080p resolution (Full HD).

Home button integrated in the display. But the Touch ID?

As you can see by the many pictures in the article, the iPhone 8 will not have the space for the Home key. The famous button, present since the first iPhone, will probably integrated into the device display. His pressure will be simulated with a Taptic Engine, just as happens with the virtual home button of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. If this information is virtually taken for granted, not at all on the positioning of the Touch ID.

The fingerprint sensor is currently integrated in the Home key, does not have a certain place in the next iPhone 8. The choices are:

  • integrate it into the display
  • remove it and replace it by another recognition sensor
  • to implement it in a new location

If the first is undoubtedly the most fascinating, it is unfortunately also the most unlikely. According to the latest news of KGI, the technology for its implementation in the display is still quite inefficient. As for the second option, Apple may replace the Touch ID with facial recognition, just as we have anticipated in this article . Finally, Apple could decide to implement the fingerprint sensor to another location. From recent mockup appeared on the network has been practically excluded the possibility of seeing him on the back seat. Always the production patterns of the iPhone 8 has also discovered an interesting news about the Sleep / Wake button. This would have been larger, perhaps to allow the implementation of its Touch ID in this new position.

Wireless charging and materials

The iPhone 8 could be the first Apple smartphone with wireless charging. It will therefore be possible to recharge our device, simply by placing it on a special basis. We do not know if this type of charging completely replace the traditional cable, although the chances are slim. Apple may in fact decide to sell the base suitable for wireless charging separately, allowing users to charge the device with the usual Lightning cable.

The presence of the wireless charging surely involve the removal of metal from the rear shell of the device. Apple will then delete almost all aluminum 7000 series from its neighbor device, replacing it with the glass. The design of the iPhone 8 will then be influenced by this feature. The end result will probably be very similar to the Galaxy S8.

It will certainly be the most powerful iPhone “ever”

Under the shell there will undoubtedly be many hardware components. The processor will definitely be the new Apple A11, manufactured by TSMC with a new construction technique. The amount of RAM could reach even 4 GB, 1 GB more than the current iPhone 7 Plus. This will allow to achieve superior performance, while also reducing the consumption of the device. Combining these features with improved battery and OLED panel discussed above, the next Apple smartphone could have a range considerably better.

The new iPhone 8 will also have the IP68 certification for water resistance and dust resistance. This will allow the device to be submerged up to 3 meters deep in the water, without suffering damage.

Cameras ready for Arkit

The iPhone 8 will certainly have a double rear camera. Like the iPhone 7 Plus, this device will be able to take some good pictures, using the appropriate mode in the Camera application. In addition, Apple could further refine the “recognition” of the depth of field. In this way, even applications that use Arkit might work best on iPhone 8. The depth of field is key in the use of augmented reality.

In addition to this improvement, Apple could further enlarge the sensors of the cameras and generally improve quality. This now happens every year, since the launch of the first iPhone.

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