Arkit: measuring a room has never been so simple [Video]

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Arkit has enormous potential, that entered recently in the hands of developers. Today we see a demo of an application that can measure the size of a room with the iPhone camera.

In the video below we can see how the developer is able to measure with great precision the size of their own room. All this is made possible thanks to iOS 11 and Arkit.

Arkit was presented by Apple during the WWDC 2017. Thanks to these new libraries, developers can take advantage of augmented reality in their applications for iOS. In recent weeks we have seen already several demonstrations made Arkit. The potential of this new tool in the hands of the developers are really a lot. With the release of iOS 11, the Arkit capabilities come at last into the hands of the many iPhone and iPad users. The first applications should in fact appear on the App Store as soon as this fall.

Today we want to propose an interesting demo. As you can see in the video below, the application is able to measure precisely the dimensions of the room, simply by exploiting the camera of the iOS device and the functionality of Arkit. Once the accurate measurement, the application will also be able to export a “complete map” of the room with various measures collected.

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