New information on the Face ID of the iPhone 8: the unlocking system will be truly revolutionary!

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This year, Apple is ready to revolutionize unlocking systems, which work through facial recognition. The new “Face ID” will be quick, effective and will work in numerous “critical” situations. Let’s see what has been discovered directly from HomePod firmware.

The iPhone 8 could be the first Apple smartphone to integrate facial recognition. This new “security measure” could even permanently replace the Touch ID. According to some rumors, Apple would not be able to integrate the Touch ID under the iPhone 8 display. This would lead to the introduction of a single release form: the “Face ID”.

Such a facial recognition sensor would always offer, according to many corridor voices, a revolutionary unlocking system. Although we do not know what technology Apple would use, we know what its main features are.

First of all, the device can be unlocked even if our smartphone is resting on a surface, without framing it perfectly. The sensor used will thus have a really large viewing angle. We also know that Face ID will allow you to perform the same operations as the Touch ID. For “operations” we mean features such as unlocking the device, using Apple Pay, purchasing applications on the App Store, using it in third-party applications, and more. Finally, a particularly interesting feature, which will allow us to immediately lock our device if we are not using it.

Always according to the source , the new Face ID will be very fast, maybe even more than the Touch ID. Apple must have done a great job of bringing that sensor to a smartphone (if it is actually confirmed by the company itself).

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