Are these original Apple silicone and leather covers for iPhone 8?

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For weeks now there has been an uninterrupted leak on iPhone 8 . The most reliable are undoubtedly those “coming” from HomePod firmware, leaked to the net. Others, however, come from less reliable sources but are still interesting. In this article, in particular, we talk about the supposed original Apple iPhone 8 cover.

Cover images were shared by Slashleaks , which was likely to unveil silicone and leather covers for the first iPhone with Cupertino’s OLED display.

The covers, available in different color variants, confirm the vertically oriented dual lens camera (and up to here no new ones), but they seem to suggest something else too. Observe the space on the ignition key, note that this is wider than that of the previous covers. Which Apple intends to integrate the Touch ID in the ignition key?

There are so many doubts about the presence of the fingerprint reader on the iPhone 8. We know with certainty that this will not be implemented below the display, but the hypotheses of a re positioning (on the back or on the power button) are not entirely discarded. Another certainty is the Pearl ID , an unlocking system that recognizes faces.

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