Unveils the iPhone 8 box: “iPhone X Edition”?

There is now little to the presentation of the new Apple smartphones, scheduled as every year in September. Today we want to reveal both the name of the device and its official box.
Let’s start by spilling some words on the source of this image and our news in general. The image of the alleged iPhone 8 box has been published by a Twitter user , who has never been exposed to such leaks . All this should be done with the pliers, keeping Apple official confirmation.

After this premise we can go to analyse the material shared by Twitter user. As you can see from the image below, the new iPhone 8 could be called “iPhone X Edition”. This name emphasises the tenth anniversary of the Apple smartphone, just a few weeks ago. Some analysts, however, claim that the name used is too long, so Apple may opt for something shorter or even for an iPhone-style abbreviation, “iPhone XE”.

Looking at the box instead we find a style quite similar to that used with the pack of the current iPhone 7. The design of the smartphone in the picture would seem to be in line with the many leak and concept released in recent months and also confirmed by the firmware of the ‘HomePod’. Despite the enormous skepticism, the picture is done very well, so much so that the box could really turn out to be this.

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