Discovered the 7th generation iPod Touch with Face ID

Within the iOS 11 GM source code, references to the new iPod Touch version were found

Significant details from iOS 11 GM continue to emerge. Today  leaker  Benjamin Geskin has shared a recent discovery about a new iPod Touch model.

In addition to presenting the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple may announce a review of the current iPod Touch during tomorrow’s event. In fact it would be the seventh generation of the famous media player, which maintains the same functions as the iPhone except for the phone. The iPod Touch, in fact, is an excellent device for listening to music and using various applications and games.

The seventh generation iPod Touch will probably have an A9 or A10 processor, used on the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 respectively. It could also introduce new memory cuts, which would replace the current 16 GB and 128 GB. Additionally, a new camera could be added and a small addition of RAM memory.

Benjamin Geskin’s most noteworthy novelties include Face ID on the new iPod Touch. This new unlocking system will probably replace the Touch ID on the next iPhone and obviously also on the iPod Touch.

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