The new Apple TV will include a new remote control with haptic feedback

The next-generation Apple TV could include a redesigned remote control and new tactile features

Now that we also know the name of the next generation Apple TV , another patch adds and takes pathos to the presentation of tomorrow’s event and this time concerns the Siri remote control of Apple TV.

After thoroughly analyzing the GM iOS 11 code which is  out of control of Apple, developer Guilherme Rambo found references that refer to an upgrade to the Siri remote that could provide haptic feedback.

From the iOS 11 code it is apparent that the next-generation Apple TV will mount the Fusion A10X processor, the same as the new iPad Pro, accompanied by 3 GB of RAM.

The developer found in the iOS 11 code two very clear references that indicate “Actuator Calibration” and “Force Calibration” that appear to be included in the haptic feedback on the remote control.

With the term haptic feedback is meant the set of features that make the use of touch devices as similar as possible to physical-device devices by exploiting small motors that respond with vibration at the screen or functional area pressure.

This also explains the portion of code that defines a “Vibe Waveforms” with a possible vibration of the remote control.


It is not yet clear whether the new remote will undergo a design renewal or if it will be completely re-designed, perhaps with a more touchable touch area than the rest of the accessory. Tomorrow, at the Apple event that idevicecaregh will follow at 6pm , we will also find the news of Apple TV 4K and the 4K video content offered on iTunes.

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