Apple upgrades App Store guidelines: banned “antivirus” and Face ID usage under 13 years of age

With new guidelines Apple would ban apps that allow viruses to be detected and improper use of Face ID

A few days ago, in conjunction with the upcoming arrival of iOS 11, Apple released the new developer guidelines, accessible for those who are interested in this address.

Specifically, Rule 2.3.1 has been updated with the explicit prohibition of including hidden features in apps, such as malware scanners and viruses of any kind, which will inevitably lead to removal from the Developer Program . Additionally, the 13-year-old prohibition for using Face ID, the new security system implemented by Apple on its next iPhone X, is added.

Apps that will use the Face ID as an authentication system should therefore provide an alternative system to it for users under the age of 13. Finally, Apple strongly encourages developers to intelligently use ARKit functions , ultimately avoiding the futile and simplistic implementations of this new  feature.


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